9 Castlereagh Street Sydney (NSW)

Contract value: $7.5m
Client: Stockland
Architect: Harry Seidler & Associates
Completion date: March 2012

Built has recently completed refurbishing the iconic Harry Seidler-designed 9 Castlereagh Street for Stockland. The upgrade comprised a vibrant new atrium, extensive changes to lighting, flooring, facade and plantings and a new licensed café.

The remodelling of the lobby delivered new, sustainable energy innovations including an under-floor heating and cooling system. The project was delivered under a Construction Management model.

Heritage Buildings

Work on heritage-listed buildings is varied and highly specialised. 

Often, the aspects of the building that give it its unique characteristics require a unique building approach. Matching surface materials and finishes, managing regulatory bodies and satisfying interested stakeholders requires a higher level team on the project.

Our teams at Built have the skills and experience to manage the unique characteristics of heritage work, even down to recording the progress of works for historical purposes.

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