Grosvenor Place (NSW)

Contract value: $28.0m
Client: Grosvenor Place Pty Ltd
Architect: Harry Seidler & Associates
Completion date: June 2009

Designed by Harry Seidler & Associates, the refurbishment has ensured that Grosvenor Place continues to shine as one of Sydney's most prestigious, inviting and innovative towers. The project involved the full refurbishment of the ground floor and lobby areas and the finished result created the largest, fully-enclosed ‘living room' of any building in the Sydney CBD.

The existing food court has been remodelled into two, open plan living areas. Thermal glass was used to completely enclose the new living area making it temperate and bright, all year round. Stylish new fittings and features have added warmth and contemporary appeal including black granite flooring, a back-lit onyx wall and bamboo planter.

The remodelling of the lobby has also delivered new, sustainable energy innovations - ranging from under-floor heating and cooling system, to rainwater harvesting.

Heritage Buildings

Work on heritage-listed buildings is varied and highly specialised. 

Often, the aspects of the building that give it its unique characteristics require a unique building approach. Matching surface materials and finishes, managing regulatory bodies and satisfying interested stakeholders requires a higher level team on the project.

Our teams at Built have the skills and experience to manage the unique characteristics of heritage work, even down to recording the progress of works for historical purposes.

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