Built commits to Cultivate our female leaders

18 June 2021​

As a part of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Built is taking part in Cultivate, a sponsorship and mentoring program which involves the matching of some of our senior leaders with emerging female leaders in our business.

While Built outperforms, with nearly double the rate of female participation compared to our industry’s average of just 10 per cent, there is still significant challenges to retain and grow our pipeline of female talent and leadership. Built is working hard to ensure we’re not only supporting gender diversity through our recruitment process, but that we continue to support our female talent as they embark and continue their careers at Built.

The research behind the Cultivate program shows that having a formal sponsorship program, facilitated by senior leaders, leads to a significant increase in the proportion of women at the leadership level. Diversity in our leadership and across our workforce brings about better thinking, richer discussions and produces stronger business outcomes. It produces better outcomes for everyone. What’s more, greater gender equity in our workforce tells future generations that Built is a great place to work and this will enhance our future talent pipeline overall.

Four of Built’s senior leaders will help build opportunities and profiles of four high-performing, Built Worthy women in our business, with the aim of helping to build the foundations for potential future leadership roles at Built.

The program kicked off in Melbourne on June 15 with our senior and emerging leaders coming together to workshop and celebrate the program. Cultivate will initially run as a pilot in Victoria for the next 8 months, under the guidance of Director, Jennifer Marks.

We’ll be sharing updates on the progress of the program in the coming months, as we work toward opening this important business initiative to the broader business in the next year.

To find out more about Cultivate, visit cultivatesponsorship.com

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