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At Built, we’re committed to creating a more diverse workforce which celebrates our different experiences, backgrounds, and mindsets.

Diverse perspectives challenge our thinking, develop innovative solutions, and solve complex problems that shape the communities we work, live, and build in.

2022-23 Gender pay gap

While our median total remuneration and median base salary gaps have reduced over the past two reporting periods, we acknowledge the existing gender pay gap and are committed to addressing this issue.

Gender pay gap drivers

The growth in head count plays a pivotal role in influencing the total median remuneration, as well as the industry’s historical male dominance.

Over the last five years, Built’s total head count has increased by 47% to a total of 1200 employees across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

During this time, the number of female employees has increased by 102% as a result of an overhaul of our talent acquisition processes and requirements, as well as improving workplace flexibility and wellbeing to promote a better work and home life balance.

While we celebrate the ongoing increase in female hires, we acknowledge that this growth has been predominantly at lower to mid-level roles, contributing to the overall gender pay gap and median total remuneration.

As such, we will continue to focus on promoting equal opportunities for career progression, as well as continuing gender parity reviews, ensuring that as we expand, women have increased representation at all levels at Built.

Actions and strategies

Over the last two years, we’ve continued to implement proactive measures to close the gender pay gap, including targeted initiatives for career advancement, ongoing diversity and inclusion training, and a commitment to transparent and equitable compensation practices.

Recent initiatives deployed include:

  • Partnering with talent acquisition agencies who specialise in identifying female candidates and working with organisations to improve their EVP for underrepresented groups
  • Revised and improved gender pay parity assessment deployed as part of the September 2023 remuneration review (will be reflected in 2023 – 2024 WGEA report)

Other initiatives delivered that support a more inclusive workplace include:

  • Employee-led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee establishment in 2023
  • Participation in Cultivate, an externally facilitated female sponsorship program
  • Review and overhaul of our talent acquisition process that identified and minimised barriers for women applicants


27 February 2024