Safety & Wellbeing

We are committed to creating a workplace culture where safety and wellbeing thrive

Our Approach

Safety always. No exceptions.

We consistently improve safety outcomes by embedding shared values and behaviours across our people and the diverse range of subcontractors we engage. This is how we continue to find and deliver on safer ways of working.

Our strategy targets critical risks with a digital-first approach. Built’s in-house proprietary app, SimplySWMS, enhances safety on construction sites with its user-friendly online collaboration for Safety Method Work Statements (SWMS). Designed to ensure high risk construction work (HRCW) is managed safely and in full compliance with national safety regulations, this tool is accessible from smart phones, tablets, and computers and supports 27 languages.

As Built’s exclusive digital solution, it simplifies the safety documentation process, allowing workers and managers to conduct thorough safety checks easily, reducing the risk of accidents, and aligning with legal requirements. With SimplySWMS, Built is making construction safety more direct and effective for everyone involved.

Your safety and wellbeing matters

  • Access to site-based wellbeing programs designed and delivered by our in-house specialists
  • On-site mental health initiatives and support
  • Online health and fitness library accessible at work and at home
  • Flexible working arrangements available for all offices and sites
  • Free health checks, skin checks, and flu vaccinations for all our people

Built Worthy Site Behaviours

With over 20,000 people working across our job sites, we are accountable for embedding a strong culture in each project, every day. Built Worthy Site Behaviours foster this culture by ensuring Built, the client, and subcontractors collaboratively identify and commit to project objectives and each person’s role in a respectful and accountable manner.

This process begins with a Built-led project charter before the project starts, allowing the client to share their targets with the project team and subcontractors, ensuring everyone understands the purpose.

Our commitment to Built Worthy Site Behaviours establishes a framework grounded in respect and recognition of each role’s significance, driving success and enhancing productivity across every job site.

Make it safe

We target high risk construction activities that impact physical and operational safety.

This ensures risks are identified, managed, and mitigated, not just as a one-off exercise, but every day.

Make it personal

We create an inclusive culture that supports everyone’s wellbeing by embedding shared values where everyone is treated equally.

Our uniquely developed programs create an environment where every person takes responsibility for themselves and their colleagues, and makes safety a personal commitment.

Make it simple

We pioneer industry-leading safety enhancements through digital engineering.

Leveraging our in-house digital engineering capabilities, we continuously find innovative ways to mitigate risks and improve safe work practices.