New ways are building Australia smarter and more efficiently.

By 2026, every Built project will be 100% digital – leading the industry and all stakeholders into the future.


For over 25 years we have been committed to innovation with over $40m invested into industry-leading tools and technology. Now is the time for reinvention.

Introducing our
Digital-first process

Digital Engineering + Construction

Using the best global technology in the industry, we are forging new, more collaborative ways of working with our clients, design teams, industry, and trade partners.

Allowing our people, customers, and the supply chain to be more productive.

DE+C Process
How it works

Democratising data across the spectrum of stakeholders

“As a business we are committed to new ways. We believe modern construction needs to work harder and move faster to support Australia’s ambition, and digital is the key to unlocking growth. Right now, we are partnering with industry leaders, government, and asset owners to realise complex projects with our DE+C process.”

Marco Rossi, Executive Chairman & Founder, Built Group

Real time

For the past 24 months we have been piloting our digital-first platform. The results are game-changing.

DE+C approach
Improvements to date

Concept + feasibility (digital-first design)

Accelerating construction commencement

De-risking preconstruction

4D programming in the model

Avoiding costly delays

Resolving safety in design

Defect free delivery

Consistency across portfolios

Real sustainability


Digital-first partners

*We’re partnering with the Queensland Government to deliver part of the Capacity Expansion Program.