Built joins New Zealand’s Keystone Trust to support next generation of construction workers

11 January 2024​

Built has joined Keystone Trust as a Key Scholarship Partner (KSP), investing in New Zealand’s talent pool by providing graduate opportunities for the next generation of construction workers.

This is particularly special given that one of our very own Digital Engineering Managers, Amber Haddock, is a Keystone Trust Alumni.

Operating in New Zealand since 2015, Built has recently joined the Keystone sponsor whānau, committing to providing two scholarship opportunities a year to students working towards qualifications in the property and construction sectors in New Zealand.

Keystone Trust General Manager Amanda Stanes said “Australia is an enormous market for Kiwis professionally, and while we would love to gatekeep our talent, the opportunity to bring international experience back home to support local productivity and innovation is invaluable.”

Amanda said Amber Haddock is an excellent example of this, noting that although she has now moved to Australia, she hasn’t forgotten the opportunities Keystone offered to her as a scholarship recipient in 2017 and has supported the business in its decision to become a KSP for the Trust.

As the first official Digital Engineering Manager at Built, Amber leads a dynamic team and plays a critical role in coordinating with design and service teams on various projects.

“I am excited by the innovation which informs our projects in Australia and New Zealand – there are some incredible developments taking place, and productivity, particularly supported by digital advancement, is constantly evolving,” said Amber.

For Keystone’s students preparing to enter the workforce, Amber offers some valuable advice – try to get work experience or an internship at the earliest possible moment.

“Always keep an eye out for opportunities and grab them when they come along. That’s where the support of the Trust and its sponsor network is so unique and rewarding,” she said.

During 2023, Keystone has signed six new supporters.

The Trust plays a pivotal role in empowering young individuals by opening doors to opportunity. An increasingly valuable aspect of our business proposition lies in the robust network, granting access to an exceptional consortium of industry professionals,” said Amanda.

“Remarkable growth, despite variable economic conditions, continues to allow the Trust to stand in a place to promote the next generation of student leaders, and the ongoing support we receive from partners like Built will pave the way for an even brighter future for our tauira, students, as they embark on the next steps in their professional journey.”

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