Built launches guide for transitioning towards a Circular Economy

3 March 2023​

Transitioning to a Circular Economy is a crucial next step to create a sustainable future for our planet.

Built recently hosted Circular Economy: Lessons for Australia and the built environment. The seminar featured presentations from Dr. Jaqueline Cramer, Chair of the Holland Circular Hotspot, and leading circular economy experts, and was supported by the Green Building Council of Australia to provide an opportunity for the industry to come together and discuss ideas to take action towards circularity.

To continue gaining momentum towards circularity, Built has developed a report with practical information, case studies and tips, distilling our learnings in this area. Built’s Demystifying the Circular Economy: A practical guide for moving towards a Circular Economy in the built environment report aims to:

  • Make Circular Economy theory plain with clear and accessible explanations
  • Provide practical steps for applying the Circular Economy
  • Clarify current best practice by sharing insights from international and local experts
  • Gather the latest resources on Circular Economy in one place for easy access

“Circular Economy is the decoupling of economic growth from the extraction of Earth’s finite resources. In simple terms, that really means not spending more than we earn. We’re excited to bring others on our journey towards circularity by sharing our learnings with the industry.”

Joe Karten, Head of Sustainability and Social Impact

Receive Built’s Demystifying the Circular Economy report here

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