Built triumphs with two wins at 2024 Property Council Victoria Awards

13 June 2024​​

Congratulations to our Victorian team for winning two awards at the Property Council Victoria’s 2024 People in Property Awards.

Our Digital Engineering Manager for the Southern Region, Alun Welsh, was honoured with the Tech in Property Award. Additionally, our Latrobe Regional Hospital Stage 3A project team was celebrated as the Regional Team of the Year. Rhys Painter, Health and Wellbeing Adviser for the Southern Region, was also a finalist for the People First Award.

The achievements by our people highlights our transformative approach to building the next generation of health infrastructure. By leveraging our digital-first approach, we enhance the speed, safety, quality, and functionality of new spaces. It also underscores our active engagement and contribution to the regional communities where we operate.

Tech in Property Award: Alun Welsh, Digital Engineering Manager – Southern Region

Alun has revolutionised the design and construction of health infrastructure by implementing an array of digital tools and processes. These innovations have enabled Built to enhance efficiency and precision in the construction of physical spaces and buildings.

Alun provides training to staff and external stakeholders within the industry, to encourage the adoption of digital engineering tools and processes with the goal to evolve the industry together. Alun’s ability to challenge social norms and find solutions to save time and money have greatly influenced the way we deliver projects.

Recognising the challenges faced by hospital user groups in interpreting 2D architecture drawings, Alun pursued 3D virtual reality as a solution. By digitally replicating the 2D drawings and creating a virtual environment, Alun ensured that users could better understand the spatial layout.

Alun’s approach has fostered improved collaboration among project stakeholders, accelerated program efficiencies, expedited pre-construction design approvals, and championed sustainability best practices. He is also a thought leader in the industry and is a key author for  Insiders Guide to Jargon: Dismantling the Smoke and Mirrors around Digital Engineering.

Regional Team of the Year: Latrobe Regional Hospital Stage 3A

Committed to delivering world-class health facilities, the Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH) project team’s community-focused approach and adept problem-solving resulted in a 49.8% expansion of the existing hospital while it remained operational.

To navigate the challenges of interfacing with a live hospital, Built, Victorian Health Building Authority, Latrobe Regional Health and consultants worked collaboratively, ensuring open communication and meticulous planning to avoid disruptions to patient flow.

Starting amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the team developed an early planning strategy to optimise delivery and address supply chain disruptions. This strategy included comprehensive services coordination, with our digital team creating a digital twin of the entire project, resulting in a comprehensive 3D model.

Our team relocated from Melbourne to Traralgon for the two-year project, to build relationships with the local community. A key strategy was incorporating local content, with the team consistently maintaining over 30% local labour throughout the program.

The awards theme, ‘The Power of People,’ acknowledges that the property industry in Victoria is propelled by its talented individuals. It emphasises the importance of continuously highlighting and celebrating the exceptional talent within our industry.

Congratulations to everyone involved and our highly experienced, dedicated and forward-thinking team who solve our clients’ problems and deliver meaningful impact.

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