Collective approach to deliver broad objectives from the National Defence Strategy

25 June 2024​

With collaboration between industry and government the key callout at the Defending Australia Summit hosted by The Australian, Built was proud to share insights into how the construction industry can be leveraged to deliver the AUKUS vision.  

The in-person summit in Canberra brought together a cross-section of Defence and industry stakeholders to explore the roadmap required to deliver AUKUS, the implications of geopolitical conflicts to Australia, increasing the workforce, and investing in defence capabilities.  

Speaking alongside Babcock International Group and BAE Systems on the current challenges ahead, Built’s Group CEO Brett Mason highlighted the opportunity to optimise delivery through supply chain diversification and taking a digital-first approach. 

While modern digital building techniques had increased productivity, Mr Mason noted that sovereign manufacturing of materials – such as façades and heavy-duty glass – was a weakness that needed to be addressed.  

“Creating strong relationships with multiple suppliers allows industry to diversify the supply base and help mitigate risks such as shortages and disruptions much more proactively,” said Mr Mason.  

The recent National Defence Strategy provides a compelling description on Australia’s most strategic risks along with the priorities and funding required to address them.  

Built is committed to the ongoing collaboration between industry and Defence and looks forward to delivering the infrastructure Defence needs to secure Australia’s future. 

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