Modern methods of construction fast-track Jindabyne Library build

23 November 2022​

The Jindabyne community has been without a dedicated public library for nearly 60 years. Years of campaigning and successful funding led to the project being able to come to life in a very short period, through Built’s custom Modern Methods of Construction solution.

Built and architecture partner fjmtstudio were selected in November 2011 by Snowy Monaro Regional Council to deliver a prefabricated community library, with funding for the project provided through the NSW Government’s Regional Cultural Fund. The design brief specified prefabrication to ensure that the delivery date of mid-2022 could be achieved.

Built and fjmtstudio first collaborated to develop a prototype in 2020, recognising a growing need for architecturally designed prefabricated buildings that can be installed quickly with high-quality and sustainable materials.

“We see this project as a benchmark on how you can do fast, sustainable, low-cost libraries in regional Australia,” said Elizabeth Carpenter, Principal at fjmtstudio.

At the commencement of the project, Built and fjmtstudio first developed a 3D model to determine all elements of the design, including the materials that could be broken into manufacturable components. This ensured that the building could be constructed as quickly as possible, as any issues or changes were detected and resolved prior to the commencement of construction and also ensured better quality and safety control and less waste. The building materials, including sustainable cross laminated timber walls and structural steel trusses were manufactured offsite and then transported to Jindabyne for assembly. This allowed for the building to be constructed in a matter of weeks, whereas conventional methods of construction would typically take two months, potentially longer given a shortage of trade workers in the region.

Built DfMA Operations Manager, Allan Comello, noted that the 3D model was central to achieving a successful outcome.

“One of our core principles of Modern Methods of Construction is that we first model the whole project in 3D, from the materials to the coordination of the manufacture and installation. The model provides a single source of truth and means that the assembly onsite runs smoothly and quickly, requiring only a small team of construction workers on site.”

Jindabyne Library was officially opened on 22 August 2022 by Minister for the Arts, Tourism, Regional Youth and Aboriginal Affairs, Ben Franklin and the Member for Monaro Nichole Overall. Attendees included Snowy Monaro Regional Council project members and employees, representatives from Built and fjmtstudio, as well as local Jindabyne community members, who had been eagerly awaiting the opening of the new library.

Jeff Morgan, Chief Operating Officer, Snowy Monaro Regional Council said that there will be opportunities for the entire community to engage with the library.

“To me, the main benefit is around lifelong learning. We’re going to see the two local schools regularly send students here every week and we’ll have secondary students use the space to study after school and prepare for exams. Seasonal workers and visitors will enjoy having a quiet space to go to, especially those studying or working remotely. From story time sessions and activities with kids, through to senior citizens taking part in a number of programs, the library will create many opportunities for lifelong learning and programs for the entire community,” said Mr Morgan.

Throughout the project Built also found ways to engage with the local community. This included providing work experience to students from Jindabyne Central School and Monaro High School and delivering presentations to the students on the different career pathways into construction.

Built’s Modern Methods of Construction solution is one example of utilising Digital Engineering to shape the industry in the future and can be applied to a range of built forms from community hubs such as Jindabyne Library, to schools and affordable housing.

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