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Improving the way our projects are built and challenging ourselves to solve our clients’ problems in innovative ways has been part of our culture from day one.

Today, Built continues to pioneer innovations that improve the speed, safety, quality, environmental and social outcomes of building and construction across the industry.

Built has a distinctive approach to ensure our clients share in the significant benefits of innovations that are impacting the industry at an ever-increasing rate.

Digital Engineering

Leaders in Digital Engineering

We are committed to investing in Digital Engineering (DE) and best leveraging 3D models for our construction projects. By taking control of the digital environment at the project onset, Built and our project partners are able to plan the most efficient and effective design and buildability solutions before the project takes physical form.

This provides better outcomes for our clients across project costs, program time, safety and quality as it allows us to workshop, test and verify solutions before commencing on site.

Built has a dedicated and experienced team of inhouse Digital Engineering Specialists with national and international coverage that are able to assist and guide our clients, project teams and partners to harness the power of Digital Engineering for mutual benefit.

DE Application

Digital engineering in application

At Built we see Digital Engineering (DE) as an approach and a collection of digital tools and digital processes that enable us to improve the way we construct a physical space or building – as well as providing a legacy in improving how buildings and assets are maintained over time.

  • 3D Modelling

    Used to create a visual representation of a building or an asset that contains all of its essential information.

  • Point Cloud Scanning

    Used to scan millions of single points a minute, that when viewed together represent the 3D environment.

  • Reality Capture

    Used to digitally capture the physical environment and convert it into a digital model or asset.

  • Prefrabrication/DfMA

    Used to manufacture or assemble components of a structure offsite, making it easier and more efficient to assemble the whole structure onsite.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

    Used to bring a project to life by creating superimposed visual layers (AR) or an immersive digital experience (VR).

  • Automated Reporting & Insights

    Used to gather critical information and data without users having to seek this out for themselves.

  • Data Capture and Analytics

    Used to create processes that run with minimal human input.

Digital engineering

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“The way Built have taken control of the digital environment has made my team more effective and efficient. From safety management, quality control and design coordination, the digital environment has decreased the risk on the project and put the information into the hands of the people who need it, when they need it.”

Owen Mitchell, Senior Project Manager


















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