Built and Obayashi Corporation deliver third building in Parramatta Square precinct with 6&8PS

28 September 2022​

Built is proud to have successfully delivered 6&8 Parramatta Square for client Walker Corporation.

The 55-storey building is the tallest commercial tower in Western Sydney and has the largest Net Lettable Area of any commercial office building in Australia at 130,000sqm.

6&8 Parramatta Square is one of six buildings – the third delivered by Built for Walker Corporation – in the burgeoning Parramatta Square precinct.

The total number of people that worked across the job during its lifetime include 1883 locals, 245 apprentices and 77 Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders. Together the team put in 3,634,136 hours constructing, 9771t structural steel, 88,916m3 of concrete, 120,321m2 of plasterboard, 7526 facade panels, 88,500Lm of sprinkler and hydrant pipe, 21,010 Lm of hydraulic pipe and 30,800 m2 worth of stonework and tiling.

Built won 6&8 Parramatta Square after working collaboratively with Walker’s team to develop an alternate structural design concept for this towering building. Because of the building’s scale and foundations, it had to be designed differently to any other commercial tower.

The building’s foundations have been reinforced by 200 ground anchors and the tower fortified against large lateral wind loads through the use of an outrigger structure.

Using learnings from our work on 4 Parramatta Square, the 6&8 team initiated construction using a jump start. This installation of triple-height steel columns allowed the team to essentially jump the structure to the Lower Ground Floor, and then again up to Level 1. This enabled construction to start the typical cycles of the slabs and then drop back to infill the basement and podium slabs off the critical paths, ensuring the programme remained on track.

Property NSW, who have taken up tenancy within both 4 and 6&8 Parramatta Square required the ability for their workforce to cross between the two buildings via a foot bridge. This bridge needed to be installed into 4 Parramatta Square retrospectively – into a completed building and a live environment – and therefore required detailed consideration and planning of the structural, safety and design constraints.

On completion, the Parramatta Square precinct will deliver all six buildings plus 6,000sqm of public space, a refurbished Town Hall and state of the art library – the latter also delivered by Built – and accommodate an ever-growing workforce of 23,500 people.


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