Newly named Ash and Burton cranes adorn Victorian skyline

6 April 2022​

Congratulations to local resident Jeffrey Nevill, who came up with the winning names for the Built cranes on the Homes Victoria Ashburton construction site, Ash and Burton. The runner-up was 90-year-old resident Roma Rice, who also received a prize and certificate for her entry, Bonnie and Clyde.

Mr. Nevill was presented with a certificate and prize. The two cranes, Ash and Burton, are being used to construct 178 new social housing dwellings across five buildings, designed to be accessible, safe, secure and energy efficient in the suburb of Ashburton. The development is part of Homes Victoria’s $5.3 billion Big Housing Build scheme, run by the Victorian Government to build more social and affordable housing. As part of this, Built has been appointed head contractor for Homes Victoria Ashburton and Ascot Vale, which will provide more than 350 homes to people in need.

The two cranes join the ranks of Built’s cranes lighting up the Victorian skyline, with three at the Homes Victoria Ascot Vale site, as well as one at 637 Flinders, one at 480 Swan St, and one at Sunshine Private Hospital. The cranes are a positive sign of the resurgence of the construction sector in Victoria, bolstered by major developments by both the Government and private sector.


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