Consultancy agreement delivers multi-sites


Flinders University Capital Infrastructure Plan

Built was engaged to undertake works under the Flinders University’s Capital Infrastructure Plan over a two-year consultancy agreement period up until June 2020. All projects were completed in December 2020.

Value: $30m+

Client: Flinders University

Architect: Various

Completion date: December 2020

The programme commenced with a range of projects delivered including a footbridge canopy, a café, laboratories, autoclaves, a biology greenhouse, a trading room, a gym & clinic, library, art gallery, college fronts and numerous teaching and staff support spaces.

Project works were undertaken in a live environment, adjacent to many live teaching and learning spaces. Built took a collaborative approach to deliver works within this programme, working closely with the University and end users to ensure continued operations, and that the new spaces were fit for purpose and as per user requirements.


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