Aged Care Experience

Expanding capacity for our growing population

Delivering the infrastructure to support our cities and communities

Through long-term investment in systems, processes, and communities, we are proud to partner with government to unlock opportunities, create shared value, and accelerate local priorities in the aged care sector.

As with major healthcare projects, our proficiency lies in working within live environments. We manoeuvre confined spaces while strictly adhering to rigorous air quality and hygiene standards. We ensure that the stakeholder management practices our teams implement enable transparent, clear communication across all touchpoints.

Through our proven reliability and quality of work, we’ve built long-term relationships with many leaders in the aged care industry such as Anglicare, Uniting, Curtin Living, Benevolent Society, and TriCare.

Aged care by the numbers

“TPM has found Built to be collaborative, cooperative, and respectful in the manner in which the team have continuously strived to achieve an outcome that is satisfactory to all project stakeholders. Quite often, discussions with respect to time and cost can become impassioned; however, we have found Built to be professional, courteous, and measured in its approach to these discussions.”

Tome Nunes, Senior Project Manager, Total Project Management
Wearne Cottesloe, WA

The New Way Forward

Our belief is that the best general contractor should be able to take on the challenges of any built form – and we can.