Collaboration leads the way to creating a circular economy

2 September 2022​

Moving towards a circular economy presents strong economic and sustainability opportunities for the Australian built environment. And if we look globally, a transition to circular economy is expected to deliver 40% of the carbon savings to get to a net zero economy.

Built recently partnered with Green Building Council of Australia to host, Circular Economy: Lessons for Australia and the built environment. The seminar featured presentations from Dr. Jaqueline Cramer, Chair of the Holland Circular Hotspot, and leading circular economy experts, and provided an opportunity for the industry to come together and discuss ideas to take action towards circularity.

A key theme of the event was that action doesn’t occur in isolation; it takes collaboration to work towards implementing a circular economy.

“To truly move the needle on this, we need all of industry to collaborate and remove the barriers together,” said Built CEO and Managing Director, Brett Mason.

Dr Nicole Garofano, Head of Circular Economy Development at Planet Ark said the event assembled likeminded individuals looking to apply learnings from abroad in Australia.

“This event really brings together key actors, key allies in the built environment, and I think having the actors in the room, what Jaqueline Cramer refers to as the ‘coalition of the willing,’ offers us a fantastic platform to elevate and accelerate the conversation and the action importantly, around circular economy in Australia,” said Dr Garofano.

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