Precincts Experience

Shaping tomorrow’s cities and precincts

Nurturing communities and strengthening local connections

As the urban landscape evolves, we are committed to forging strong partnerships with government, community groups, and local businesses. We are at the forefront of transforming city precincts, re-energising regions, and sparking positive change for local communities. Our approach breathes new life into historic sites and paves the way for cutting-edge infrastructure, all while focusing on the future—where cities thrive economically, and communities flourish.

Transformative projects like the vibrant renewal of the Geelong Waterfront, the preservation and innovation within Sydney’s Sandstone Precinct, and the creation of a dynamic civic centre in Liverpool stand as testament to our commitment. Whether it’s honouring the past through major heritage restoration, or shaping the present with inviting public spaces, our mission is to deliver outcomes that uplift local economies and enrich community life.

Precincts by the numbers

“For Walker, Built has proven to be the perfect partner to achieve our vision for one of the largest urban renewal projects ever undertaken in Australia. Not only have they delivered as promised but they have also continued to provide innovative solutions to the complexities of building and construction in complex live environments”.

David Gallant, CEO Walker Corporation