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Deakin University Costa Hall, Geelong

A Geelong based team completed a major refurbishment of furnishings and amenities, as well as major upgrades to services and accessibility.

Value: $4m

Client: Deakin University

Architect: William Ross Architects

Completion date: January 2021

Costa Hall sits at the heart of the Deakin Geelong Waterfront campus and our refurbishment of the 1,500-seat auditorium, which was opened in 1996, brings the venue up to contemporary standards, making it fit for all purposes including future programs.

Finding new and innovative ways of working was integral to the success of this project when formulating new methods for safe access overhead. Built worked with specialist access experts to design bespoke scaffold to work within the theatre constraints.

To solve this ongoing challenge for the client, Built ensured that the solution was future proofed and negated any safety and access issues by installing permanent access for maintenance works to be safely completed.


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