Revitalisation of a
100 year old building


Flinders St Station Administration Building Exterior

Built was contracted by the Victorian Government to refurbish Flinders St Station’s historic Administration Building. More than than 100-years old, Built completed restoration works to conserve its rich heritage elements, preserving the building for future generations.

Value: $58m

Client: Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Major Projects Victoria

Architect: Lovell Chen

Completion date: July 2018

The works involved the restoration and maintenance of the existing administration building to ensure its structural stability and repair the ageing façade, allowing for future stages and full redevelopment of the station.

The scope of works included resealing the roof, making the building watertight, repairing the parapets, and stabilising and restoring the iconic heritage clock tower. Upon completion the entire façade was repainted the original early 1900’s colour scheme.

Built worked extensively with Heritage Victoria and its associated consultants, collaboratively transforming the iconic building and restoring it to its former glory.


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