Australia’s first intentionally all-electric private hospital


Sunshine Private Hospital

Built has delivered Sunshine’s first private hospital, a critical infrastructure project to service the fast-growing Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Value: $85m

Client: Australian Unity

Architect: BLP Architects

Completion date: February 2023

As the country’s first intentionally all-electric private hospital, it stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability.

The $85m hospital boasts a range of cutting-edge features, including state-of-the-art operating theatre suites, a 30-bed inpatient unit, a 21-bed inpatient mental health unit, specialist clinics, consulting suites, and ancillary health services.

Built commenced the development under an ECI agreement and managed the final design and value management process to ensure that the project could be built to budget.

With the completion of Sunshine Private Hospital, Built has set a new standard for future healthcare projects, emphasising the importance of innovation, sustainability, and inclusive collaboration.

“In the health sector, our stakeholders are doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff, so reading 2D drawings isn’t something they are used to.Being able to provide them a digital space to visualise, make changes and sign off the drawings more efficiently is having a big impact on how we work with our hospital clients.”

Monica Fontaine, National Health Sector Lead – Southern Region

To enhance collaboration and improve stakeholder engagement, Built’s inhouse Digital Engineering (DE) team leveraged a suite of DE tools to solve complex problems.

One challenging problem facing hospital user-groups – including doctors, nurses, and clinical staff – was how to interpret 2D plans at the design stage of the project. By leveraging DE technology such as virtual reality, the team provided invaluable assurance to user groups ahead of works commencing on site.

Designing 3D free-roam virtual reality (FRVR) prototypes in lieu of a 3D physical model 1:1 scale, resulted in any risks being mitigated throughout the supply chain.
The digital prototypes were built for key areas in the hospital including Theatre Operations, Recovery Space, Exit Bay, Anaesthetic Bay, InPatient Unit Room, Mental Health Rooms, and Consultant Suites.

Equipped with a virtual headset, user groups at Sunshine Private Hospital were able to walk through various rooms and envision what their future workplace would look like.

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